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HIGH SCHOOL Music         |         PRIMARY SCHOOL Music

Message from our Faculty Head

At MPS we pride ourselves in the fact that we promote the Arts from the earliest stages of child development until their...

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Learners at MPS have the privilege to choose and develop any of the 4 art forms (Drama, Dance, Music, Art and Design) as a su...

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‘Without music life would be a mistake’ – Nietzsche.  We feel the same way, and thus music forms an in...

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‘Dancers are the athletes of God’ – Einstein.  At MPS we strive to educate and inspire learners in the...

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‘To be or not to be’ – Shakespeare.  At MPS we strive to develop learners’ confidence through th...

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‘A picture is a poem without words’ – Horace.  Visual art and Design is a powerful medium to express a...

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