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​​​​​​​Responsibilities Of The Board

In serving as the keepers of an organisation's mission and as its fiduciaries, the board should:

  • Establish policies and plans consistent with the organisation's mission;
  • Ensure that the executive management implements the strategy as established from time to time;
  • Ensure that the organisation operates ethically;
  • Ensure that the organisation has adequate systems of internal and external control, both operational and financial.




Leadership Team

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER:                 Mr O Dreyer  



Pre-Primary Faculty:                                 Mrs A Pienaar-Bouwer

Primary and High School Faculty:        Mr J van Wyk

PCA Faculty:                                                Mr W van Zyl

Parent Support Committees

The Faculty Heads through the PSC’s are able to provide parents with information regarding all aspects of school life. MPS actively encourages parents to join and participate in one of the various parent support committees.

These PSC`s are focussed on offering support to a specific faculty and therefore involve parents of that faculty only. The focus of the PSC is unique to that faculty and all intended initiatives must be discussed with the specific Faculty Head who will make sure that the specific request or initiatives are in accordance with the broader operational and financial policies and objectives of the school.